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Autumn Interior Trends

Autumn Interior Trends

March 2024 in Design Inspiration

An Inside Look at Interior Design Trends for Autumn

While Summer weather still remains in the air, it’s time to look forward to cooler days and muted colour tones.  Autumn brings to interiors a cosier feel, whilst still connecting to the outdoors.  This season we focus on four of the upcoming trends as we collect inspiration for your interior. 

With a slight Summer feel, the first trend is an Italian palazzo inspired trend, named White Lotus, after the popular television series.  Secondly, the Quiet Luxury trend brings us indoors to laidback luxury in our interiors with understated yet sophisticated aesthetic.  Next, is the Spathroom trend, where spacious rooms, luxury amenities and a spa-like aesthetic are key in creating your own indoor oasis.  Grounded, is the last trend for Autumn, connecting us to the outdoors by bringing dark, earthy, and nature inspired tones inside, through cabinetry, furnishings and accessories.   

Often interior trends are inspired by different places in the world.  Many things can influence these trends, such as social media, news events, and even TV shows.  In the case of this trend, aptly named White Lotus, we are transported to picturesque Sicily, where the television series White Lotus filmed its second season in Taormina’s San Domenico Palace. 

A trend that has blurred lines between indoors and outdoors, it’s characterised by terracotta tiles and patterned wallpaper, providing an earthy and warm feeling.  Patterned surfaces are a must to adapt this trend to your space, whether it’s through patterned wallpaper, striped furnishings, or a renaissance inspired floor rug.  When using patterns, ensure to balance with enough plain surfaces, and keep a curated selection of colours throughout to remain cohesive.   

Colour tones of cream, off-white, taupe, mustard, lemon, dusty pink, terracotta, and green will compliment this trend.  Textured fabrics are also essential to balance out the harsher finishes of products such as tiles, so opt for velvets, other fabrics with a pile surface, and thicker weaved materials.  Additional materials such as rattan can also be introduced for a more coastal look of this trend. 

For hard finishes, dark or blonde woods are on trend, and can be paired with brushed brass or dull aged copper hardware.  Sourcing second hand furnishings, as well as antique hardware will also nod to this renaissance era trend.  For example, old fashioned or patterned doorknobs to add to your wooden freestanding cabinets. 

As a whole this trend can seamlessly create an inviting and stylish space while inspiring the idea of travel.  It can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor spaces, and last through seasons whilst still maintaining that feeling of warmth. 

The Quiet Luxury trend stems from its introduction first into the fashion world.  Quiet Luxury aims to create a laidback luxury look that offers long-term sense of style.  The overall aim is to create a sophisticated aesthetic that whispers luxury rather than promoting luxury too extravagantly.  Therefore, materials and finishes for this trend need to be carefully selected to avoid anything too ostentatious, and remain calming and welcoming.

This trend can be introduced into any area of your home, from bathrooms to bedrooms as well as living spaces.  It doesn’t have to be neutral colour themed, however a neutral palette serves as a timeless base for a luxury feel.  If introducing colour, do so through styling items, such as cushions, throw rugs and vases.  Keeping a long-term sense of style in this trend is key, and colour trends can often vary. 

When trying to achieve the Quiet Luxury trend, select natural materials such as solid wood, natural stone and linen.  If natural materials are out of your budget, you can get a similar look and feel with products such as stone-look laminates.

Introduce textures to add variety and interest, incorporating them in floor rugs, cushions, window furnishings and throw rugs.  Using a combination of textures such as wool, linen, jute and boucle fabrics will help create a luxury yet timeless feel. 

When sourcing freestanding furnishings for this trend, focus on items that are of high quality, have a true function and purpose, and are designed to last.  This trend is less about a specific look, and more about designing an atmosphere that has understated elegance and timelessness.   

Lighting is also an important aspect of this trend.  Avoid using harsh, bright lights and instead introduce soft, ambient lights to create a relaxing atmosphere.  Wall sconces in bathrooms and bedrooms, lamps in living areas, and ambient cabinetry lighting in kitchens can be functional and aesthetic. 

Quiet Luxury is all about embracing elegance, offering a sophisticated aesthetic that whispers rather than shouts. Through careful material selection, subtle textures, and a soothing colour palette, this trend creates a timeless and welcoming atmosphere.  Where quality and thoughtful design speak volumes without overwhelming.

Similar neutral colour tones and carefully selected materials lead us to the next interior trend, ‘Spathroom.’  This new design trend is a fusion between spa-like tranquility and practical bathroom functionality, creating a space that’s not just about daily routines but also about relaxation and rejuvenation.  This trend focusses on the idea of transforming a bathroom into a personal retreat and sanctuary of self-care. 

Similar to the Quiet Luxury trend, the Spathroom trend uses a neutral colour palette, featuring hues of white, beige, soft greys, and pastels. These colours are chosen for their ability to create a sense of spaciousness and light, promoting a calming and peaceful ambiance. Colour accents can be introduced through natural elements or soft textiles to add depth and interest without overwhelming the senses.

Where possible, include natural light sources in your bathroom to also give the allusion of space, through skylights or large windows.  Purposefully include wall sconces or behind mirror lighting for ambient light to use in the evening. 

When it comes to selecting bathroom materials, current bathroom trends are all about natural and earthy materials, or using materials that give that look and feel.  Textured tiles, travertine and zellige tiles are all great options for wall and floor tiles in your bathroom.  Pair with other natural materials such as marble, stone and wood, or wood-look laminates.  Curves continue to dominate the interior design scene, with many bathroom vanities and shelves having a curved profile. 

A final touch for the Spathroom trend is to add touches of luxury.  Attempting to mimic the spa experience, adding premium touches such as freestanding baths, rain showers, and heated floors can really enhance the experience.  You can also style with plush towels, robes and luxury bath products to give that day spa feeling.

By combining these elements, the Spathroom trend transforms the bathroom from a purely functional space into a personal sanctuary that promotes relaxation, wellness, and self-care.

The final Autumn trend to highlight is Grounded.  Inspired by nature where raw, organic textures meet earthy botanical hues, the Grounded trend connects indoors to the outdoors through colour, texture and materials used. 

This trend introduces us to deeper yet soft colour tones, perfect for colder seasons.  Defined by a unique colour palette, Grounded favours earthy and botanic colours such as dark brown, green, sage, and lavender.  This trend encourages colour, and can be used on walls, kitchen cabinetry and furnishings, steering away from white altogether.  Including some pops of botanical colour, such as a dusty pink or violet add visual interest and break up larger areas of dark colour.  It can be as simple as adding a vase of coloured flowers, or more permanent with a painted wall or occasional chair. 

Materials in the Grounded trend include dark brown woodgrain in flooring and cabinetry, coloured laminates, fabrics with textured finishes and stone accents.  Matt black, dull aged copper or brown bronze hardware pair nicely with this trend as they provide a depth of colour, yet luxury finish.  Wallpapers are perfect to add pattern, especially botanical themed, and are great for bedrooms and home offices where they can be complimented but tonal soft furnishings.   

From modern, contemporary and cottage style, the Grounded trend can adapt into a number of interior design styles.  It can be applied to a single room or whole house, and bring comfort and connection through nature inspired elements.  It invites a sense of being grounded and connection to the earth, offering versatility and comfort across a number of different design styles. 

From the refined look of Quiet Luxury to the tranquil retreat of Spathroom, each trend offers its own unique style. While White Lotus and Grounded, retain connection to the outdoors, blending indoor comfort with outdoor serenity.  As we shift from the warmth of summer to the cosy tones of autumn, these interior design trends can provide inspiration for new home builds, renovations and styling updates to your home.


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