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April 2021 in Construction

Peppercorn Park

Construction of Peppercorn Hill's first park, Peppercorn Park, is in full swing with the recent installation of the three main towers and slide that form the main focal point of the park. In addition to this, the park will feature a basketball court, seating and open space. The park is expected to be finished in May 2021 and open to the public mid-2021, ready for our first residents to enjoy.


Hillview Drive / Donnybrook Road Major Intersection

March 2021 in Construction

Kade Friedberger, Peppercorn Hill Senior Project Manager, explains what happens once you buy your lot and before your title issues, and also how residential land developments come to life.

Ever wondered about how residential estates come to life? Or what actually happens between the time you purchase your lot off a plan until your title finally issues? Well, we thought we’d ask an expert to provide some answers to these questions and more.

Janurary 2020 in Construction

Many lots continue to title across stages 1-6 have now titled in Peppercorn Hill, and we are thrilled to welcome our new residents and reach this important community milestone!  

Settlements continue strongly across all stages meaning Peppercorn Hill will be an exciting hive of construction activity this year. Sales activity is also currently very strong with new buyers to the area choosing Peppercorn Hill to secure their dream block of land for delivery in 2021-2022.

What can we expect to see at Peppercorn Hill in 2021?

September 2020 in Construction

September 2020 in Construction

May 2020 in Construction

The upgrade of Donnybrook station is now complete, with local passengers enjoying 150 extra parking spaces and improved safety and accessibility.

According to the Regional Rail Revival website:

•             The new car park includes accessible parking, as well as CCTV and lighting for increased security

May 2020 in Construction

What are design guidelines and why do I need them?

So, you have decided to purchase vacant land and build your new home at Dennis Family Corporations’ Peppercorn Hill residential estate. Before you do, it’s really important to understand exactly what obligations, rules and restrictions you’ll have to work within.

The design of your new house will need to comply with DFC’s design guidelines for Peppercorn Hill. Why do we have design guidelines?

March 2020 in Construction

Future residents of Peppercorn Hill will have noticed plenty of changes taking place at the Estate recently!

Stages 1 – 3

January 2020 in Construction

Building your dream home can be an exciting but daunting process, you may start out finding the right location and block of land, or you may select your perfect house first. Buying land and building your home is one of the biggest undertakings you will make and can be quite overwhelming. These key steps will help you through the process and keep you within your budget and stress-free as possible.



January 2020 in Construction

Where to next? It’s important to establish your budget. When working out your budget, you’ll need to factor in extra costs such as conveyancing, taxes, duties and fees. 

We recommend that you contact your bank or a mortgage broker to find the right type of loan to suit your needs. Once again, our team can help you out by recommending a mortgage broker who’ll be able to step you through the finance process and apply for a home loan.


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