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October 2023 in Design Inspiration

The Benefit of Choosing a House and Land Package

Remove the stress of searching for your dream home with a house and land package. Find a great location and build a house you love within one of our planned communities across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

With a wide range of builders to choose from, and a selected range of land blocks and housing options to suit your budget and lifestyle, you can let the professionals take care of the rest.

It’s a simple process that can save you money and time.

June 2023 in Design Inspiration


How can you overhaul or update your house while bypassing major and costly renovations? Well, don’t despair! Here are our top tips for upgrading your house, so it feels like new again – without breaking the bank!

  1. Update with paint!

You can’t beat painting as the cheapest and quickest way to make a maximum impact on your interiors and exteriors. Whether it’s a single room or the whole house, a fresh coat of paint is one of the fastest updates around.

May 2023 in Design Inspiration

Townhomes – what do you need to know?

Once upon a time owning your own traditional freestanding house was the great Australian dream.  Today, however, with house prices in some capital cities out of reach for many buyers – particularly first home buyers, an increasing number of Australians are considering alternative ways of living to achieve their homeownership goals.

One such option is the townhome.


So, what is a townhome?

February 2023 in Design Inspiration

Top outdoor furniture trends for 2023!

When it comes to making your backyard your dream destination, the opportunities to create something beautiful and unique to your home are endless! Sometimes narrowing down the best outdoor furniture can be tricky with so many trends out there.

So, to make things a little easier, we've pulled together the top emerging outdoor trends for 2023! From laid-back coastal to cabana-striped everything, these trends feature classic design elements in ways that feel fresh and inspired!
Setting Up Your Outdoor Space

February 2023 in Design Inspiration

Tips for growing your own summer fruits

Fruit and summer go hand-in-hand. There’s nothing better than a fruit salad or a delicious smoothie on a hot day. You could attend your local market or grocery store and find a wide selection, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of harvesting your own crop.

January 2023 in Design Inspiration

After many months of Wintery grey skies, it’s time to open up the house, get back outside and prepare for a Summer of entertaining. And with the festive season also upon us, whilst you are preparing your outdoor space for Summer, why not add an extra touch of cheer!

Here are some tips to help you kick-start your outdoor home entertaining plans and incorporate a festive touch.


Tidy up your outside space

November 2022 in Design Inspiration
September 2022 in Design Inspiration

Energy-efficient appliances for your home

As you move into your new home, you might also be considering buying updated appliances for your home.

July 2022 in Design Inspiration

The Power of a Vision Board.

Vision boarding is an excellent way to clarify goals and motivate you to bring them to life. Quite literally, it’s a physical manifestation of your goals and a tangible representation of the vision you have for yourself.

June 2022 in Design Inspiration

Winter gardening can be both fun and refreshing. Here is some inspiration for some low maintenance herb options to grow in your home gardens this winter.

Gardening can be pure joy, especially during the cold winter months. There is a good level of moisture in the soil which makes it conducive for growing some productive greens, especially some herbs.


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