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Peppercorn Hill has a wide variety of land options to meet your needs and suit your future dream home. 

Whether you’re after a spacious premium lot for a large family home, or great value on a smaller lot, you’ll always be within walking distance to plenty of open space and parkland.

Step up to more space at Peppercorn Hill.

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Eastside 31 - Gracemere Two

Woodlands 304 - 'Cedar' Four

Eastside 31 - Gracemere One

Woodlands 304 - 'Cedar' Three

Eastside Stage 30 SR2

Woodlands 304 - 'Cedar' Two

Eastside Stage 30 SR1

Eastside Stage 29C

Eastside Stage 29B

Eastside Stage 29A

Woodlands 304 - 'Cedar' One

Eastside Stage 28B

Woodlands 303 - 'Rivergum' Two

Eastside Stage 28A

Woodlands 303 - 'Rivergum' One

Eastside Stage 25A

Woodlands 302 - 'Kurrajong' Three

Eastside Stage 23C

Eastside Stage 24B

Woodlands 302 - 'Kurrajong' Two

Woodlands  301 - 'White Gum' Two


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