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Donnybrook Station Update!

Donnybrook Station Update!

May 2020 in Construction

The upgrade of Donnybrook station is now complete, with local passengers enjoying 150 extra parking spaces and improved safety and accessibility.

According to the Regional Rail Revival website:

•             The new car park includes accessible parking, as well as CCTV and lighting for increased security

•             The station’s existing car park was also upgraded to include a drop-off zone, taxi rank and new bus interchange, which will come into use after an upgrade to Springs Road is completed in the coming months

•             The upgrade will make it easier for passengers to park and catch the train, and improve access for cars, buses and pedestrians

•             Crews have been working under modified conditions in recent weeks to complete construction on the station’s new car park, with non-essential staff working remotely and work groups on site reduced to a maximum of two people

•             The car park works took more than 170 workers close to 12,000 hours to complete.

The Donnybrook Station upgrade also included an extension to the city-bound platform, allowing passengers to access all train doors and eliminating a source of delays for Seymour Line services.

Jump on board to see the changes for yourself, or check out this video


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