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Peppercorn Hill’s Latest Recruit

Peppercorn Hill’s Latest Recruit

February 2023 in

The newest recruit to Peppercorn Hill’s Project Management Team, Alex Lattuada joined the Dennis Family Corporation last August and works on the day-to-day management of the estate. We chat to Alex to find out a little more about his role and what he thinks makes Peppercorn Hill a great community.


Tell us about your role and what this entails?

“As Project Manager, I work across pretty much every aspect of the estate’s development. Basically, my role means that I’m involved in the delivery of each stage and the various infrastructure projects within the estate including management of pre-construction activities like planning and coordination of infrastructure design and approvals, as well as liaison with consultants and suppliers."


What is the best thing about your role?

“I’m only 5 months into the job, but so far it’s been an amazing experience interacting with so many different experts and professionals, engineers, contractors, and architects. The role also provides a nice balance of being able to work both onsite and from the office (or home).”


What’s so special about Peppercorn Hill?

“The depth of amenity at Peppercorn is one of the key things which sets it apart from other residential developments nearby. There definitely aren’t too many 4,000 – 5,000-lot master planned communities in this space and most land developments in and around Melbourne’s northern corridor tend to be much smaller, which may mean they can provide only some of the amenity that a large-scale master-planned estate can.

By contrast, Peppercorn Hill offers a range of amenity that smaller developments simply can’t match including the new Peppercorn Hill major town centre, lots of great schools nearby not to mention plenty of sports and recreation grounds, plus extensive parklands and wetlands including a conservation area along Darebin Creek and the Hayes Hill Reserve.


Who will Peppercorn Hill most appeal to?

“Superior amenity and a great location are always going to enhance the estate’s attractiveness to a wide demographic of purchasers. But this particularly holds true for families looking to get into the housing market, who really value a well-designed residential community with a strong community orientation."


Finally, what are your 3 favourite things to do in and around Peppercorn Hill?

"If you like the Great Outdoors, it’s hard to go past bushwalking through the spectacular Mount Ridley Nature Conservation Reserve. If you enjoy golf, the nearby course, Growling Frog Golf Course is quite enticing. And in summer, Whittlesea is home to Funfields – Victoria’s largest waterplay park."


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